Wednesday, August 4, 2010

So Gabby Thinks Im Crazy HAHA

So I Tell Gabby EveryThing And I Told Her I Periced My Lip Here Is What Freaked Her Out......I Did It My Self xD Soo I Kinda Have Snake Bits :] Well Hadd Hahaha I Know I Took Them Out And They Closed >:[ I Was Mad But Didnt Care Im Getting It ReDone AnyWay :] I Got My Nose Done Tho Got It Done 3 Times xD 1st Time It Fall Out And I Lost The Stud 2nd It Fall Out When I Was Sleeping And I Could Put It Bak In -_- 3rd Time I Still Have It :] And It Cant Fall Out Bcz Its Like a A T Shape Or SomeThing Like That Haha I Want My EyeBrow Done :] I Like Piercings What Can I Say Lol But I Wouldnt Get Alot Just Simple Ones :] I Had An EarBar But Took It Out Because It Was Hurting -__- I Want It Bak Tho..... Ok Now I Love Christopher Drew's Piercing He has His Lip Done 2 Times But In The Same Spot :] Now that is what I Want :] My Cuz Has The EyeBrow It Looks Nice On her :] So I Maybe getting My Lip Done Soon :] :) Okk Soo Im Gonna Go Bcz My Lil Cuzo Is Going Crazy XD Peace Love And Rockets :]

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