Friday, July 30, 2010

My Style :D

Ahh I Need Glasses xD I Have Bad Eye Sight :O I Dont Kno Why But I Want Glasses I All Ways Did xD I Love Nerd Glasses :]There so Cool To Me :} There Part Of My Style I Love Band T's And Skinny Jeans I Dont Wear A Lot Of MakeUp Its Eye Shadow And A Lil Eye Liner :] I Like To Were Sweaters x3 i Love To Shop At HotTopics :] Nd Yellow Rat Bastard & JC Penny Too :] I Shop At Stores Were They Have Things I Like :] I Love Vans And DC's & Converse :] I Wear Nikes Too But I Dont Have A Lot Of Nikes xP All My Friends Love My Style :] Gabby Love Loves It Haha Me And Her Have Kinda The Same But She Is More ColorFul and Im More Of The Black White And Red Blue :P I Love Her Style :] She Doesnt Wear Band Tees But She Does Wear Cute ColorFul Skinnys :D I lOve My Necklesses And Bracelets :D I Need More Tho -__-

Thursday, July 29, 2010

Vampires xP

Today Was A Good Day Well..... I Was Sleeping All Day AnyWay Haha I Get Called Vampire Alot Bcz of The Way Iam Now xD I Sleep AllDay I Stay Up All Night The Sun Makes My Head Hurt I Dont Eat Alot I Just want Water Or Soda & Ice Cream xD Me And Gabby Were Talking ABout This Like Two Days AgO :] She Was Like All Freaked Out At First But Then We Just Talked About Vampires xD We Love To Talk About Random Things (I Love That Pic Of The Two Vampires Its So Cute ^-^)Hahaha We Dont Talk About Just One Thing All The Time :] Gabby Is Freaked Out By Vampires She Thinks There Goin To Eat Her O.O But Me NOOO I Like Vampires xP Not Lovee Like (Im Not In To The Whole Twilight Thing I Think Taylor Is Hot But Still Im Not In To Twilight) She Belives There Real Me I Dont Really Kno InTill I Meet One Hell Yeah There Real But I Never Met One And If i Dont I Hope I Dont Get Eaten O.O What A Imaginetion I Have ^-^ Hehe Imagine I Do Meet One :O i Guess That Would Be Cool But Then Again I DONT Want To Be Eaten O.O.........

Musicc :D

Oh My God How I Love Music I Love to Find New Bands/Singers:] I like To Listen To Owl City,Never Shout Never,Escape The Fate,Attack Attack,Paramore,3oh!3,Metro Station,The All-American Rejects,Tokio Hotel,Blood On The Dance Floor,Linkin Park,Simple Plan,Breathe Carolina,Three Days Grace,All Time Low,Cobra StarShip,Evanescence,Green Day,Bullet For My Valentine,Takeing Back Sunday,30 Seconds To Mars,Nine Inch Nails,Fall Out Boy,Angel And Airways,Machine Head,The Main,Forever The Sickest Kids,Glamour Of The Kill,RaidoHead,Hawthorne Heights,Plain White T's,Hey Monday,Disturbed And Deaf Havana And There Is A Lot More :] i Mean ALOT xD But Yeah I Like All Genres Of Music Rock,Pop,Hip Hop,Rap,Jazz,Screamo,Soft rock,Hard Rock,Techno,Dance,Electro Pop, Electronic,Emo,Indie Rock,Latin,Punk,R&B & Soul :D

Wednesday, July 28, 2010

A little More About me xD

I Love To Take Pics Of EveryThing And AnyThing I Take a Lot Of Pics Too Haha i Love My Nerd Glasses xD i Love Sunsets Its SO Prettyx] I LOve Zebras There so Cool! Lol

What Can I Say I Love Music :]

I Love Escape The Fate Tooo xD I Dont want To Sound Like A Crazy Fan But I Do xD I Like The Song 10 miles wide :] and Just Me :]

Welll Hellooo Theree Well I Love Never Shout Never And I love His New Song CheaterCheaterBestFriendEater Love The Rain Rain Go Away Part Lol Well Watch/Hear And I Think Yu Will Start To Like Him Too :]

My Bestie x]

Well This Is My Bestie Gabby :]She Is Awesomeee She is Allways There For Me :] She is Like My Long Lost Sister x] We Love The Same Music And Style Even Tho She Is More ColorFul Then me xD But Hey WhatEver Haha We Mostly Like All The Same Things :] Same Bands Same Store Same Food DAMN IT Even The Same HairStyle xD Justtt Kindingg Lol Told Yu I Was Silly xD Okk But What Ever About Me This Is ABout Gabby :] Soo She is The Non-Talker Im The Loud One xD She is The Nicer Verson Of Me xD Im Nice Just Not All The Time Like Her xD Soo I Told Yu All Why I lOve Herr :] So Love Peace And Cupcakes x]


Hi :D Im Leandra And Im Weird Random And Funny :] I Love To Meet New Ppl And Go Places Im Very Friendly and Love To Hang Out With Friends :) I LOve LOve Music I Listen To It 24/7 x3 I Can Get Mad Easyly At Times Thoo x] I Love To Listen to Rock,Sreamo&Metal:] But I Really Love all Types Of Music :] As Yu Can See I Like To Do Smilelys xD I Dont Use Them All The Time Tho>:D Hehe Okk So What I Was Sayingg Umm....Oh Yeah I Dont Talk That Much And I Love To Play Sports :] My Fav Is SkateBorading & Soccer But I Really Love ALL Sports :) What Can I Say Im Me And Only Me :]Im Just a TeenAge Girl Who Is Liveing Life and Not Careing About Dumb Stuff :] My Fav Colors Red Blue Black And All The Neon Colors :] Haha My Besttt Friend In The Whole World Is Gabby :D She is AllWays There For Me :] I Love To Act Silly But Iam Serious When I Have To Be.....Im Tall Im Like 5'8 :] Im Mostly Taller Then My Friends At Times Its A Good Thing Haha Well Im Going To Rap This Up Because My Hands Are Getting Tired Haha So Love Peace And Chicken Grease xP