Friday, July 30, 2010

My Style :D

Ahh I Need Glasses xD I Have Bad Eye Sight :O I Dont Kno Why But I Want Glasses I All Ways Did xD I Love Nerd Glasses :]There so Cool To Me :} There Part Of My Style I Love Band T's And Skinny Jeans I Dont Wear A Lot Of MakeUp Its Eye Shadow And A Lil Eye Liner :] I Like To Were Sweaters x3 i Love To Shop At HotTopics :] Nd Yellow Rat Bastard & JC Penny Too :] I Shop At Stores Were They Have Things I Like :] I Love Vans And DC's & Converse :] I Wear Nikes Too But I Dont Have A Lot Of Nikes xP All My Friends Love My Style :] Gabby Love Loves It Haha Me And Her Have Kinda The Same But She Is More ColorFul and Im More Of The Black White And Red Blue :P I Love Her Style :] She Doesnt Wear Band Tees But She Does Wear Cute ColorFul Skinnys :D I lOve My Necklesses And Bracelets :D I Need More Tho -__-

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