Wednesday, July 28, 2010


Hi :D Im Leandra And Im Weird Random And Funny :] I Love To Meet New Ppl And Go Places Im Very Friendly and Love To Hang Out With Friends :) I LOve LOve Music I Listen To It 24/7 x3 I Can Get Mad Easyly At Times Thoo x] I Love To Listen to Rock,Sreamo&Metal:] But I Really Love all Types Of Music :] As Yu Can See I Like To Do Smilelys xD I Dont Use Them All The Time Tho>:D Hehe Okk So What I Was Sayingg Umm....Oh Yeah I Dont Talk That Much And I Love To Play Sports :] My Fav Is SkateBorading & Soccer But I Really Love ALL Sports :) What Can I Say Im Me And Only Me :]Im Just a TeenAge Girl Who Is Liveing Life and Not Careing About Dumb Stuff :] My Fav Colors Red Blue Black And All The Neon Colors :] Haha My Besttt Friend In The Whole World Is Gabby :D She is AllWays There For Me :] I Love To Act Silly But Iam Serious When I Have To Be.....Im Tall Im Like 5'8 :] Im Mostly Taller Then My Friends At Times Its A Good Thing Haha Well Im Going To Rap This Up Because My Hands Are Getting Tired Haha So Love Peace And Chicken Grease xP

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