Thursday, July 29, 2010

Vampires xP

Today Was A Good Day Well..... I Was Sleeping All Day AnyWay Haha I Get Called Vampire Alot Bcz of The Way Iam Now xD I Sleep AllDay I Stay Up All Night The Sun Makes My Head Hurt I Dont Eat Alot I Just want Water Or Soda & Ice Cream xD Me And Gabby Were Talking ABout This Like Two Days AgO :] She Was Like All Freaked Out At First But Then We Just Talked About Vampires xD We Love To Talk About Random Things (I Love That Pic Of The Two Vampires Its So Cute ^-^)Hahaha We Dont Talk About Just One Thing All The Time :] Gabby Is Freaked Out By Vampires She Thinks There Goin To Eat Her O.O But Me NOOO I Like Vampires xP Not Lovee Like (Im Not In To The Whole Twilight Thing I Think Taylor Is Hot But Still Im Not In To Twilight) She Belives There Real Me I Dont Really Kno InTill I Meet One Hell Yeah There Real But I Never Met One And If i Dont I Hope I Dont Get Eaten O.O What A Imaginetion I Have ^-^ Hehe Imagine I Do Meet One :O i Guess That Would Be Cool But Then Again I DONT Want To Be Eaten O.O.........

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