Wednesday, July 28, 2010

My Bestie x]

Well This Is My Bestie Gabby :]She Is Awesomeee She is Allways There For Me :] She is Like My Long Lost Sister x] We Love The Same Music And Style Even Tho She Is More ColorFul Then me xD But Hey WhatEver Haha We Mostly Like All The Same Things :] Same Bands Same Store Same Food DAMN IT Even The Same HairStyle xD Justtt Kindingg Lol Told Yu I Was Silly xD Okk But What Ever About Me This Is ABout Gabby :] Soo She is The Non-Talker Im The Loud One xD She is The Nicer Verson Of Me xD Im Nice Just Not All The Time Like Her xD Soo I Told Yu All Why I lOve Herr :] So Love Peace And Cupcakes x]

1 comment:

  1. i luv this i absolutely love it and i luv u 2!!!!!!! keep it up and best believe i'm bookmarking!!! :)